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Church is coming to your home with Kidsong Online! Now you can enjoy a worship experience with the entire family that includes worship songs to sing along with, an engaging & inspiring lesson, and our value of the week. We encourage you to have ongoing conversations to help your kids grow in their faith.

Elementary Lessons (grades 1-5)

Hey Kids!  Is everything going well with online lessons?  One day soon, I hope that you will all be able to join us live for Sunday church!  We will start a series called "Be Real, Not Fake" this Sunday, Sept 27th.   Ever ask yourself, who am I when no one is watching?  Do I talk and act the same when friends are around?
Rather than just trying to seem good on the outside, character is all about who we really are on the inside.  You will learn that turning to Jesus will change you and guide you to have Godly character!  You'll show the world just how real God's love is when your heart and mind are transformed.

Sunday, September 27-Week 1:  DON'T FAKE IT.   Allow God's Holy Spirit change you.  When you follow Jesus, God is already helping you grow the fruit of the spirit!  The more you get to know Him, the more it shows!   Memory Verse: " by the Holy Spirit's power.  Then you will not do what your sinful nature wants you to do."  Galatians 5:16 NIRV.     Click here  

Sunday,  October 4-Week 2:  Stop Lying.  Tell the truth Be honest in all you say and do.  God knows the truth.  God loves you!!  He'll help you to be honest if you ask Him!  Memory Verse:  "The Lord detests lying lips, but delights in those who tell the truth."  Proverbs 12:22  NLT     Click Here

Sunday, October 11 - Week 3:  Thank You.  I can be thankful when things are good - and when things are not.  Even when things happen, we still have a lot of reasons to thank God!  Memory Verse:  "Give thanks no matter what happens.  God wants you to thank Him because you believe in Christ Jesus."  1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIRV.   Click Here

Sunday, October 18 - Week 4:  Good Friends are Loyal.  Being loyal means you're there for your friends no matter what!!  Sometimes loyalty makes teamwork harder.  But sometimes loyalty is more fun, too!!  "A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need."  Proverbs 17:17 NLT.  Click Here

Toddler/Preschool Lessons (2-5 years)

CROWNED-the next series for our 2-5 year olds.  Yes, crowned as in kings and queens!   Each week we will learn a story of a king or queen in the Bible and discover how to live as part of Jesus' royal family.  We want kids to know that King Jesus has chosen and crowned them as His special people, and there are certain things He wants them to believe and do!!  A key verse is "You are God's chosen and special people." 1 Peter2:9.  This verse will be repeated throughout the series.  Kids need to  listen and watch our  special host, Jesus Christ!!

Songs:  Because we are royal    Click Here  
               It tells me how to live     Click Here   

Sunday, October 4:  Lesson 1-  The Story of Queen Esther  Esther 2-9  God Helps Me!  God loves you and wants to help you  everyday!  Pray and ask God to help you.  Did you know that King Jesus left a special message for you and me in the Bible?      It tells us how special we are!!!   “You are God’s chosen and special people.”  1  Peter 2:9      Click Here

Sunday, October 11:  Lesson 2 – The story of King David and Mephibosheth   1 Samuel 20: 14-17, 2 Samuel 9.  God Helps Me!  God loves you and wants to help you every day!  Remember these words: “You are God’s chosen and special people.”  1 Peter2:9     Click Here 

Sunday, October 18:  Lesson 3 – King Jesus is Alive!!  Mark 15-16; Philippians 2:6-11.  Jesus is ALIVE!  He died and is alive because He LOVES you so much!  Our Bible verse tells us how special we are! “You are God’s chosen and special people.” 1 Peter 2:9.     Click Here

Sunday, October 25:  Lesson 4 –  The Story of King Belshazzar  Daniel 5.  I can do what is right!  God wants you and me to do what is right all the time!  Jesus left a special message for us in the Bible and it says, “You are God’s chosen and special people.” From 1 Peter 2:9    Click Here

Sunday, November 1:  Lesson 5 –   The Forgiving King   Matthew 18:21-35 You can show love by forgiving others when they hurt.  Another way you can show love is by giving a love note to someone special!  God loves you and you love Him.  Memory verse:  “You are God’s chosen and special people.” 1 Peter 2:9.    Click Here

Sunday, November 8:  Lesson 6 –  The story of Elijah and King Ahab  1 Kings 16:29-18:39.  I will show love!  One of the greatest ways we can show love to God is to BELIEVE in Him ad TELL others how much HE loves everyone!  If you know that God loves you and you love Him, let me hear you say this verse, “You are God’s chosen and Special people.” 1 Peter 2:9    Click Here

Sunday, November 15:  Lesson 7 – The Good King Asa  2 Chronicles 14-16     I can be kind!  God wants you and me to be kind to everyone we see!  Memory Verse: “You are God’s chosen and special people.” 1 Peter 2:9   Click Here

Sunday, November 22:  Lesson 8The Story of Queen Bathsheba 1 King: 1-2:19.   I am blessed when I am humble!  Being humble means that you think of others as more important than yourself.  Jesus tells us that when we are humble, He will bless us!  This is what we need to know today Memory Verse:  “Great blessings belong to those who know they are spiritually in need.  God’s kingdom belong to them! Matthew 5:3.     Click Here


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