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Church is coming to your home with Kidsong Online! Now you can enjoy a worship experience with the entire family that includes worship songs to sing along with, an engaging & inspiring lesson, and our value of the week. We encourage you to have ongoing conversations to help your kids grow in their faith.  Click on the lesson under Elementary Kids or Toddler/Preschool to go directly to the lesson you want to watch.

ELEMENTARY Lessons (grades 1-5) 

Hi Kids!
How did you like our last series on Being Generous?  Hope you learned at two things:  1) It's better to give than to receive and 2) that you can give to Jesus when you give to others who cannot repay you.  Great stuff, I think!  Ask your parents about it too!
We will start a new 4 part series called Spiritual Disciplines-Getting Closer to God by praying, reading the Bible, and taking away distractions to name a few.  You will find that when you make the choice to be closer to God, God will be close to you. Spiritual disciplines help our spirits to grow in wisdom, maturity and bring us closer to Him.  By getting to know God, remove distractions so we don't miss out on what He has for us, and spend time reading & meditating on the Bible and in prayer, we are exercising our physical muscle.  We will be prepared to minister & teach others.
**For Parents who wish to get additional resources for the lessons, please contact me at the church office.
Love and Blessings,  
Miss Diane
Early Childhood Director New Song Church  440.248.5755

Week 1: January 31  How to get Closer to God
Week 2: February 7  Add More God
Week 3: February 14  Reading the Bible
Week 4: February 21  How to Pray to God

Week 1: How to get closer to God

The Point: Jesus is my closest friend when I spend my time with Him.
  • Bible Story:  The Vine and the Branches John 15: 1-5
  • Memory Verse:  Come close to God, and God will come close to you.”   James 4:8 NLT
    • Questions:  What happens when we make choices to get closer to God?  What does it mean to be close to God?

Week 2:  Add More God

The Point:  Add more God.  Subtract more me
  • Bible Story:  
  • Memory Verse: "He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less." John 3:30 NLT
    • Questions:  What distractions make it hard for you to spend time with God? Who always loves you, wants to spend time \with you, and will help you get rid of distractions?

Week 3: Reading the Bible

The Point:  Reading the Bible keeps your spirit healthy.
Bible Story:
Memory Verse: But Jesus told him, "...'People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"  Matthew 4:4 NLT              
Questions:   In the Bible verse, what did Jesus say is as important to us as food?   What do you think happens to your spirit when you choose to spend time reading the Bible? 

Week 4: How to Pray to God

The Point:  When I pray at night or during the day, God is listening to what I say.
Bible Story:
Memory Verse: “Morning, noon, and night...the LORD hears my voice."  Psalm 56:17 NLT
Question:  When is the best time to pray?  What kinds of things do you think are important to talk to God about?

(ages 2 -5 yrs)

Hi Kids and Parents!  
Hope you are all enjoying the snow and have gotten a chance to go outside to make snow men and snow angels.  We cannot wait for all of you to come back to church!!  This month and into February, we'll learn from a series called "Jesus wants to be my friend forever".  The theme for this unit is:  I CAN FOLLOW JESUS!  Each week you'll see Jesus in action with people like John the Baptist, Jesus' disciples Andrew, Peter, James, John and Matthew as they tell the story of how they became followers of Jesus.  You too can become a follower of Jesus!   The series ends with the greatest commandment of all!!   LOVE OTHERS!!  What would your story be?

Week 1: January 24, 2021  John the Baptist

Week 1: John the Baptist
Bible Story:  Matthew 3:3-4, 11, 13-17    John told people that Jesus is special.
Memory Verse:  "'Come and follow me', Jesus said."  Matthew 4:19 NIRV
Question:  Who can follow Jesus?  Answer:  I can follow Jesus!     

Week 2: Andrew & Peter, John & James

Week 2:  Andrew & Peter, John & James
Bible Story:  Luke 5:1-11  Jesus met 4 fishermen and they all decided to follow Him.
Memory Verse:  "'Come and follow me', Jesus said."  Mathew 4:19 NIRV
Question:  Who can follow Jesus?   Answer:  I can follow Jesus!                        

Week 3: Matthew the Tax Collector

Week 3:  Matthew the Tax Collector
Bible Story: Matthew 9:9-12  Even though Matthew made some bad choices, Jesus still wanted Matthew to follow Him.
Memory Verse:  '"Come and follow me', Jesus said."  Matthew 4:19 NIRV
Question:  Who can you follow?   Answer:  I can follow Jesus!

Week 4: The 12 Friends of Jesus

Week 4: The 12 Friends of Jesus (the Disciples)
Bible Story: Luke 6:13, Mark 6:30, John 1:37-49.    Jesus called 12 disciples to serve as his closest helpers and companions.
Memory Verse: "'Come and follow me', Jesus said."
Questions:  Can you name a few of Jesus' friends?   Who can follow Jesus?

Week 5:  Love One Another

Week 5:  Love One Another
Bible Story: John 15:12-13,17  We all need to love each other.   The most important thing is love.  If we truly love one another, then we will give our very best as Jesus did for us.
Bible Verse:  "Love others the way I have loved you."  John 12
Questions: Who can you love?  Who can you share with?


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